Super Junk Cleaner – Antivirus & Booster & Cleaner APK


Super Junk Cleaner – Antivirus & Booster & Cleaner is an app with space cleaner, phone booster and antivirus. It’s smart, full-featured but easy to use. Moreover, it’s very light, occupies smaller phone memory.

It can solve your problems on your Android device, such as, “Not enough storage to save pictures or videos”, “Annoying crash”, “Overloaded RAM”, “Overheat CPU”, “Battery use out too fast”, etc.

کارکردهای اصلی ما عبارتند از:

⚡ Super Junk Clean
Simply remove junk which slow down your phone, making your phone clean and fast.
With our professional cleaner, you can easily cleaning cache data from social apps such as Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp without worrying about deleting the wrong files and at the same time, let you get more space to save images, important message and anything you like.

🚀 Phone Boost
Memory cleaner and RAM booster will speed up your android phone and optimize device performance.

❄️ CPU Cooler
It will monitor CPU temperature and help you cool down the temperature for your Android device by killing apps overload in background.

🔋 Battery Saver
Hibernate background apps to save power! Protect your battery and extend work time between charges!

☂️ Antivirus
Virus detector and cleanup. Keep your phone safe from viruses and malware. Remember to scan your phone regularly to stay safe!

Whether you’re bothered by the slow running and too much junk of your phone and looking for a light, easy and safe tool to solve these problems, Super Junk Cleaner is your perfect choice!

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ما لیست (های) برنامه نصب شده را برای پشتیبانی از توابع کاملاً کامل مانند Junk Clean ، تقویت تلفن ، کولر CPU و باتری محافظ به دست می آوریم تا پرونده های ناخواسته و قابلیت تشخیص آشغال قوچ را تقویت کنیم.


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Super Junk Cleaner - آنتی ویروس و تقویت کننده و پاک کننده
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