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Qplayer – HD Video Player is one of the best video player which also supports the 4k videos and all the formats of video files. With the kind of features Qplayer support, it has become one of the most recommended HD Video Player to use. The user interface of Qplayer is really simple and can be operated by anyone with few taps.

HD Video Player with the quick parsing of different video and identify all video files on your devices and SD Card automatically. Qplayer has a very specific folder which contain the unseen video from the list, watch all the unseen or new video from that folder.

ویژگی های کلیدی نرم افزار:

• player with 4k video supports and HD Video Player
• Support all different formats of video files
• Put videos on favorite folder
• Video Playlist
• Subtitle supports
• Hide Video folders
• Play Video as music
• Play as pop up video
• Playback speed
• Set sleep interval for the videos
• Landscape and Portrait lock
• Dark theme
• Decoder
• Network Stream
• Easy to use

Video player support
Qplayer is one of the very few video player which support 4K videos. But, the mobile device must support 4K videos. Qplayer play HD, Ultra HD and 4K video smoothly, as well as play video in slow motion and watch on both android tablet and android phone.

Support all different formats of the file
Qplayer Support all types of video formats including MKV,FLV,AVI,MP4,WMV,RMVB,TS and many other.

Favorite folder
Select the video you like in the favorite folder so that you get to watch it whenever you want.

Create your own playlist. Shuffle your videos.

پشتیبانی از زیرنویس
It support subtitles that have clear font. Using this app directly download subtitle.

Hide Video folder
Make video folder private or hide it for your privacy.

Play video as the music
The video can be played as music in the background and shuffle all video as music.

Play as POP up video
The video will be continued in small screen.

Playback Speed
It will help you to play video in fast or slow motion of speed.

رمز گشا
It support decoding i.e. SW and HW so that you can play a long duration full high resolution video on device.

Network stream
Use open URL link in network stream.

آسان برای استفاده
با کشویی روی صفحه پخش ، کنترل میزان صدا ، روشنایی و پیشرفت بازی آسان است.

Qplayer – HD Video Player is free for android device. All video formats are supported. We welcome suggestion for better user experience. Please feel free to contact us at qplayer.feedback@gmail.com

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Bug Fix and Support Android New Version

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